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VOIP Phone System

VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is quite simply a phone system that uses the internet instead of the old telephone wire and network.


Suitable For Any Business Size Or Industry 3CX Can Accommodate To Your Every Need; From Mobility And Status To Advanced Contact Center Features And More, At A Fraction Of The Cost.

Cloud Ready

Answer your phone anywhere, anytime with the latest in cloud technology delivered via 3CX.

Multi-Site Support

Answer and transfer calls between offices – no matter where they are located … worldwide!

Unified Communications

3CX softphone works on Windows, Mac and even iPhone and Android when you’re on the go!

Grow your business

No per extension licensing and utilising the latest in conferencing and voice technology.

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Advanced Management And Reporting Features

Whether you are running a sales team or a shopfront, 3CX offers enterprise grade reporting and management features at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Call recording and advanced telemetrics along with exceptional voice quality and user flexbility are just some of the great features on offer

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Be Truly Mobile With 3CX

Answer your office phone anywhere with the 3CX application for iOS and Android along with Windows and OS X platforms. So whether you’re on lunch, away for business or simply not near your desk, you’ll never miss an important call.

Be Reachable Anywhere, Any Time

Who likes phone tag? When we call someone, we need them to answer. Just because your employees are on the move or away from their desks doesn’t mean clients need to experience a lack of connectivity or communication. Clients must be able to reach you – any time, any place. And you are throwing away productivity if your employees have a hard time reaching and communicating with one another.

No Time to Learn

VOIP sounds like you’re going to have to learn something new – and who has time for that?! Not so here. You don’t have to give away simplicity – Tech Troubleshooters VOIP works very much like your old system. The important new features mostly operate from the background, so there is no learning required beyond basic operation.

Stay Connected

Tech Troubleshooters VOIP allows you and your employees to stay connected without being attached to the office or a desk. Employees don’t have to give out their cell phone numbers. It’s complicated trying to memorize everyone’s cell phone number, and it can put your client relationships at risk if employees leave the company. Instead, each employee is provided with only one number that will ring both cell phone and desk phone. If either phone goes unanswered, voicemails show up in email. Tech Troubleshooters keeps you connected anywhere, any time – on one system.

One System, Many Locations

If you operate from many locations or have remote workers, connecting all of them can be costly and tedious. No longer. Tech Troubleshooters VOIP consolidates all locations and users onto one unified system. 3 digit dial to all users. Direct dial numbers for clients outside can reach you without a switchboard. Need help now? You can custom build your hunt groups so hitting “0” for operator will be aligned with whomever is being called. To your clients, you look like a well-oiled machine with immediate help just one touch away – regardless of the real story…

Need Help

Preventative Maintenance & Best Practices

Using data collected from systems and IT support team, implement Best Practices to reduce noise, prevent problems. Identify keys technology challenges and implement proactive solutions. Assess user experience.

Why Neeed?

What Is Hosted VoIP & Why Do I Need It?

VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is quite simply a phone system that uses the internet instead of the old telephone wire and network. This nuance changes many communication limitations of older phone systems. The handset of the phone system can be located anywhere there is an internet connection, yet is still part of that “one” system. So now we can link many locations into one system. Working from home is transparent to anyone calling you at your “desk.”

A “hosted” VOIP system like Tech Troubleshooters VOIP, removes the phone system from your premises, moving it to the cloud. This not only removes the upfront investment of a stand-alone phone system, but, more importantly, it eliminates the threat of potential outages like power or line issues. If the internet line to your office goes down, the system is still taking calls, possibly routing them to cell phones. Hosted VoIP delivers a unified phone system in the cloud that lets you connect anywhere, frequently at a lower cost than what you are paying today!