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Researchers discover mystery malware that pilfered 1.2TB of sensitive data from millions of PCs

by | Jun 12, 2021 | News & Updates

Researchers have discovered a massive 1.2TB database of sensitive information that contains login credentials, browser cookies, payment information and autofill data extracted by an unknown malware that has yet to be identified.

The sheer amount of data breached is simply mind-blowing: according to researchers from NordLocker, the stolen database contained 26 million login credentials, 1.1 million unique email addresses, 2 billion browser cookies, and 6 million files that the malware grabbed from the Desktop and Downloads folder. The files contained 3 million text files, 900,00 image files, 600,000+ Word files along with about 1,000 types of different files.

The discovery comes amid a flurry of security breaches involving ransomware and other types of malware targeting large companies and government agencies. The threat of malware is getting really serious, especially so when anyone can get hold of cheap, custom malware that is found all over the web.

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