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OSX Catalina should I upgrade?

by | Oct 8, 2019 | News & Updates

OSX Catalina - Should I Upgrade?

Today Apple released there new operating systems 10.15 (Catalina) as with every major upgrade, I recommend that any users that rely heavily upon the availability of their Mac for work (medical practices included) or other productivity consider waiting for at least one OS update before making the upgrade.

In my experience, early adopters will usually find some incompatibilities and shortcomings/bugs. These issues are typically resolved over the coming months with minor OS update releases. 

Questions I ask myself before updating operating systems for my clients, family and friends

1. Will this upgrade improve my security?
2. Does this upgrade offer significant productivity tools?
3. Is downtime acceptable as in the worse case scenario when you are needing to roll back the operating systems and/or restore backups?

* Genie Users – Genie software will not run on this release Catalina
* MYOB Users – MYOB may not run on this release of Catalina

If you run a business, have mission critical data, or just want to make sure you have a great backup before you do this upgrade. Please contact us, we are happy to help. 

If you have run the upgrade and are now experiencing issues, we are also ready to assist getting you rolled back and up and running as quickly as possible. Contact Us today