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Multi-factor Authentication

by | Oct 11, 2022 | News & Updates

Multi-factor authentication enables you to protect yourself in several ways

Multi-factor authentication allows you to protect your password with another password, adding an extra, almost impassable layer of security to your account.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor, sometimes also known as 2-factor authentication, is a mechanism which involves an extra step to prove your identity when logging in to an account. Typically, it involves entering in your username, password, and some other way to prove your identity like by a fingerprint, receiving a text message etc to your phone.

Why go through all this trouble? While it may seem like some extra work, multi-factor authentication makes it almost impossible for hackers to get into your account even if they know your password.

Once you have set up 2-FA for an account, it might take an extra second or two to log in to your account, but the trouble you take is worth the peace of mind that it gives you.

Different Forms of Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication can take different forms e.g inputting an extra PIN (besides your password), answering a security question, receiving and verifying a code to your mobile phone number through a text message or code, a text code sent to your email, a special app that requires you to prove your identity each time you try to log in to an account, facial recognition, fingerprint verification etc.

MFA adds an entire layer of security on your important accounts beyond your password. Your data is valuable and important – strengthening its protection is a great idea. Let’s use MFA everywhere! We suggest you use MFA for your bank accounts, email, social media, online stores and so on…


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