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Millions of AMD-powered PCs affected by new driver flaw that needs to be patched ASAP

by | Sep 22, 2021 | News & Updates

Security researchers have discovered a flaw in AMD’s Platform Security Processor (PSP) chipset driver which can be exploited by attackers to pilfer sensitive data from Ryzen-powered systems. The good news is that both Microsoft and AMD have released patches to shut the exploit.

Recently, AMD revealed a vulnerability in the AMD Platform Security Processor (PSP) chipset driver that allows hackers to extract sensitive information such as passwords and storage decryption keys.

The vulnerability is referenced as CVE-2021-26333 and is considered of medium severity. It affects a wide range of AMD-powered systems including all Ryzen desktop, mobile, and workstation CPUs. PCs that come with a 6th and 7th generation AMD A-series APU or modern Athlon processors are also affected by the flaw.

Luckily, patches are already available for the vulnerability. One way to ensure you remain protected is to download the updates from AMD’s website. The update was released a month ago, but at the time AMD did not disclose the security fixes contained in the release.

Another way to ensure your system is protected against this issue is to install Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday update. Before you do so, however, keep in mind that it may cause network printing to break.

If you believe you have any of these devices and need assistance in patching this vulnerability, please reach out to us on 07 4401 5760.

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