Tech TroubleShooters

Managed IT Service Provider

Tech TroubleShooters is a Managed IT Service Provider in the Townsville area. We specialise in customer solutions for networked and cyber security.

Remote Support

Tech TroubleShooters is a Managed IT Service Provider in the Townsville area. Our IT support are focused on the client experience.We make sure our clients get the best technology support with the best service.

Monitor & Collect

The entire technology infrastructure is monitored 24×7 to alert any impending problems so they can be fixed before outages occur. Backup all data and systems, offsite. Scan for viruses. Monitor perimeter security, prevent attacks. Collect and report all this in real time gauges and reports for technical staff review.

Fix Problems

Immediate, 24×7 help desk response and IT support to any user or system generated issue. Remediate with a focus on the end user experience, ensuring we focus on getting you what you need, not just fixing a technical problem.

Backup Service

About Us And Our Backup Service

Disk Image

Backup entire disks and partitions on Windows systems

Files & Folders

Photos, Word docs, Adobe files, CAD files, Program output, etc.

Emails & Calendars

Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook, Windows Mail
and more


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB

PC, Mac Or Laptop Need Repair?

We Come To You To Solve All Your Tech Problems.

Tech TroubleShooters provides on-site Mac and PC repairs and IT support for home and business. We deliver prompt, no fuss, same day computer repair services to customers, seven days a week. Our computer support services include hardware and software repairs, system security solutions, wireless and wired networking services, virus and spyware prevention and removal, data backup and recovery solutions and just about any other type of computer, Mac or laptop support our customers require at their homes or offices. Tech TroubleShooters have a broad range of experience in all things technical. This means that we can provide expert assistance for issues as varied as Virus Removal, Internet Security and Firewalls, Computer Help and Training, Service & Repairs and Buying or Upgrading a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.


  • Desktops, laptops, all-in-ones
  • Virus removal
  • Slow computer
  • Won’t switch on
  • Email and Printer Setup

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iPad & Other Tablets

  • Any brand: Apple, Samsung, Windows, Android, etc
  • New tablet setup & training

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  • Any brand: Apple, Samsung, Windows , Android, etc.
  • New device setup & training
  • Suggestions about apps that can help you be connected.

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TV Devices Or Internet

  • Device setup: Apple TV, Google chromecast, Telstra T-Box, etc.
  • New wireless network setup

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Prefer To Speak Face To Face About Your IT?

We Do Too. Let’s Get In Touch For A Free One-On-One Discussion About Your Business Needs.

Managing your IT isn’t your day job and it shouldn’t need to be. Whether you have questions about how to streamline, expand, or protect your network, or you are just looking for a second option, Tech TroubleShooters would be happy to discuss your IT needs with you.

Why Neeed?

What Is Hosted VoIP & Why Do I Need It?

VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is quite simply a phone system that uses the internet instead of the old telephone wire and network. This nuance changes many communication limitations of older phone systems. The handset of the phone system can be located anywhere there is an internet connection, yet is still part of that “one” system. So now we can link many locations into one system. Working from home is transparent to anyone calling you at your “desk.”

A “hosted” VOIP system like Tech Troubleshooters VOIP, removes the phone system from your premises, moving it to the cloud. This not only removes the upfront investment of a stand-alone phone system, but, more importantly, it eliminates the threat of potential outages like power or line issues.

Recovery of Information

Data Recovery

We know how heartbroken you can be when it seems like you have lost all your precious photos, video, documents which you have spent hours drafting, etc. Well, sometimes things happen when you or somebody sharing the computer could have easily deleted everything for good and they are not even found in the recycle bin. Don’t panic, contact us immediately so that there is still a chance for the data to be recovered.

With more than 10 years of data recovery service experience in the industry, you can be assured that we will expedite getting your priceless files back and return it to its rightful place on your hard drive.