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Let’s Encrypt Certificate Expiry

by | Oct 8, 2021 | News & Updates

Let’s Encrypt Certificate Expiry, Millions of iPhones, and Macs May Not Be Working Properly from the 1st of Oct 202

Millions of old devices will stop working on the 1st of Oct because of the expiry of a crucial digital certificate, cutting access to the internet.

With the certificate expired, affected devices will not be able to install updates of newer certificates allowing access to the internet.

The certificate in question here is the Let’s Encrypt digital certificate which will expire today. After today, devices will not trust certificates issued by this authority.

Older MacBooks, iPhones and PlayStation 3 consoles are vulnerable. In particular, iPhone users with operating systems prior to iOS 10 may experience issues, along with devices that run older versions of macOS 2016 and Windows XP.

Older smart TVs and set-top boxes and Nintendo 3DS may also be affected by the issue.

People running Android (Nougat) 7.1.1 could get around the expiry by installing Firefox.

For everyone else, the simplest thing users can do is update their devices which will possibly fix the issue, however, for some older systems, the issue may not be resolved, and those devices would need to be upgraded.

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