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Intel’s “Downfall” Threat

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Cybersecurity, News & Updates

At Tech Troubleshooters, our commitment to keeping you updated and protected is unparalleled. Today, we bring you a crucial update on a newly discovered security flaw that might affect your devices and business infrastructure.

Intel’s “Downfall” – A New Threat on the Horizon A grave vulnerability has surfaced, affecting billions of Intel processors across the globe. Dubbed as “Downfall” by Daniel Moghimi, a security expert at Google, this flaw can potentially expose sensitive data like passwords, encryption keys, and personal information to malicious attackers. The vulnerability has been documented under CVE-2022-40982.

Who’s At Risk? Home Users & Businesses Alike

Both individual home users and extensive business networks are under the looming threat of these vulnerabilities:

For Home Users:

  • Computers and laptops with Intel processors from the 6th Skylake generation to the 11th-gen Tiger Lake chips are at risk.
  • Those running on AMD’s Ryzen CPUs face potential threats from the “Inception” flaw.
  • Malicious entities can exploit these vulnerabilities to steal personal information, banking details, passwords, and other private data, turning personal devices into ticking time bombs.

For Businesses:

  • The extensive use of Intel-based servers and computers in many businesses, especially from the flagged generations, amplifies the risk manifold.
  • Companies relying on cloud services must be vigilant as shared environments could be compromised if cloud providers run on the vulnerable processors.
  • Beyond the immediate threat of stolen data, companies also face operational challenges. Post-patch performance degradation can hinder real-time data processing and other high-performance tasks critical to several businesses.

Steps to Protect Yourself:

  1. Intel has released microcode updates to patch this vulnerability. It is crucial to update your firmware to the latest version provided by your system manufacturer. Note: There could be a potential performance hit after applying this update.
  2. For AMD users, ensure you’ve installed the latest microcode updates and Windows updates released in July.
  3. Regularly update your software and employ robust security and malware detection tools.

How can Tech Troubleshooters assist you?

Advanced Security Stack: Our proprietary security stack is designed to help detect potential malware threats even before they activate, shielding both home users and businesses from disastrous exploits.

Security : Allow our experts to comb through your systems, be it your personal device or expansive business network, to identify vulnerabilities and provide immediate solutions.

Patch Management: We ensure your systems are updated with the latest security patches, minimizing potential threats.

Ongoing Monitoring: Our 24/7 monitoring solutions will keep an eye out for any anomalies, ensuring prompt action against possible security breaches.

Your security is our priority. Do not let “Downfall” or “Inception” be the downfall of your business or compromise your personal data. Let Tech Troubleshooters safeguard your infrastructure.


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