Getting The Best Technology Support With The Best Service.

Tech TroubleShooters is a Full Service Managed IT and Cyber Security Service Provider in the Townsville and surrounding regions. We custom design our solutions with your need and budget in mind.

Specialise in Customer Solutions

Managed IT Service Provider

Tech TroubleShooters is a Managed IT Service Provider in the Townsville area. We specialise in customer solutions for networked and cyber security.

System Administration

Your very own technical expert, a NetAdmin, who is responsible for keeping your technology infrastructure safe, stable and secure.
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Tech Troubleshooters manages the physical and logical networking essential to smooth operations of your technology.
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Line of Business Software Assistance

Tech Troubleshooters will work with you and your software vendors to ensure smooth, productive operations.
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Data Protection

We provide all the software for your server backups, the local device to house all backups, the cloud storage.
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Website Design

Website Design And Tech Support – All In One!

Tech Troubleshooters website design company designed sites specifically for your needs & modern designs. Our sites are developed with responsive designs.

Modern, Responsive Design

All of our websites are designed specifically for your needs and are clean, modern designs.
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Excellent Functionality

We design with function in mind to produce websites that keep on working.
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Remote Support

IT Services And IT Support

Our IT Services And IT Support Are Focused On The Client Experience. Techtroubleshooters Provide following remote support services:

Monitor & Collect

The entire technology infrastructure is monitored 24×7 to alert any impending problems so they can be fixed before outages occur.
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Fix Problems

Immediate, 24×7 help desk response and IT support to any user or system generated issue.
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Business Is Kept Safe

Security Services

Keep your Company Safe

Network Security – 24/7 Support and Monitoring. Tech Troubleshooters will manage and update all of your security with our all in one solution.

Spam Protection

We can design filters that include multiple layers of protection that stop phishing attempts, viruses and much more.

Unified Threat Management

It is necessary to take immediate action to protect your business’ network. With Unified Threat Management.

Firewall and Antivirus Protection

We make sure our clients are getting the best security support with the best service. You need to be able to protect personal information.

Data and Recovered Files

Data Recovery

We know how heartbroken you can be when it seems like you have lost all your precious photos, video, documents which you have spent hours drafting, etc. Well, sometimes things happen when you or somebody sharing the computer could have easily deleted everything for good and they are not even found in the recycle bin. Don’t panic, contact us immediately so that there is still a chance for the data to be recovered.

With more than 10 years of data recovery service experience in the industry, you can be assured that we will expedite getting your priceless files back and return it to its rightful place on your hard drive.

Cloud-Based Backup

Data Backup

Tech Troubleshooters provide Cloud-Based Backup Feature. A starting price of $25 per month per workstation or $50 per month per server.

Lightweight, Fast and Reliable

Our Cloud-Based Backup is not resource intensive. The installer is less than 15 MB and is a native installer built with C++.Read More

Backup Your Data to External Hard Drives

We recommend always having three copies of your data for even more security. Tech TroubleShooters Cloud Backup application and your account info.Read More

PC, Mac Or Laptop Need Repair?

Computer Repairs

Tech TroubleShooters provides on-site Mac and PC repairs and IT support for home and business. We deliver prompt computer repair services to customers, seven days a week. We can provide expert assistance for issues as varied as Virus Removal, Internet Security and Firewalls, Computer Help and Training, Service & Repairs and Buying or Upgrading a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.


iPad and Tablets



3CX Phone System

VOIP Phone System

VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is quite simply a phone system that uses the internet instead of the old telephone wire and network. This nuance changes many communication limitations of older phone systems. The handset of the phone system can be located anywhere there is an internet connection, yet is still part of that “one” system. So now we can link many locations into one system. Working from home is transparent to anyone calling you at your “desk.” Techtroubleshooters Provide following features:
  • Be Reachable Anywhere, Any Time
  • No Time to Learn
  • Stay Connected
  • One System, Many Locations


What Our Clients Say

Every day, your customers are searching for your services on Google. With SEO, Tech TroubleShooters helps you appear at the top when they do so.

“My Mac is now working fasting than it ever was! Thank you so much for the exceptional and super quick service!”

Debbi Marshall

“Kelly is the best, picked my PC up and had it back fixed within 24 hours. Excellent service and great prices.”

Glenda Stockham

“Very professional and knowledgeable! Understood my problems and treated me with respect.”

Sarah Smith

Driving Targeted, High Quality Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation

Every day, your customers are searching for your services on Google. With SEO, Tech TroubleShooters helps you appear at the top when they do so.

Our On-Site SEO Processes

  • Content keyword optimisation
  • Ensuring website design is responsive (fits to all devices)
  • Website speed optimisation

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Our Off-Site SEO Processes

  • Keyword research
  • Integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Website visitor data analysis to increase conversion rate

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