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Hackers are using coronavirus maps to infect your computer

by | Mar 12, 2020 | News & Updates

As coronavirus threatens to become a global pandemic, everyone’s keeping a close eye on how it’s spreading across the world. Several organizations have made dashboards to keep track of COVID-19. But now, hackers have found a way to use these dashboards to inject malware into computers.

Shai Alfasi, a security researcher at Reason Labs, found that hackers are using these maps to steal information of users including user names, passwords, credit card numbers, and other info stored in your browser.

Attackers design websites related to coronavirus in order to prompt you to download an application to keep you updated on the situation. This application doesn’t need any installation, and shows you a map of how COVID-19 is spreading. However, it is a front for attackers to generate a malicious binary file and install it on your computer.

Just to be clear, these websites pose as genuine maps for tracking coronavirus, but have a different URL or different details from the original source.

Currently, the malware only affects Windows machines. But Alfasi expects attackers to work on a new version that might affect other systems too.

Here is the correct Link  for the dashboard that deliveres real-time view of the Virus –  Data provide by John Hopkins

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