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Get Your Mac Prepared for the New macOS Ventura

by | Sep 28, 2022 | News & Updates

The new macOS is just around the corner and there are a couple things you should know: the installation requirements and how to prepare your device for macOS Ventura.

Installation Requirements


Mac Models That Can Run Ventura:


MacBook Air – 2018 and later

MacBook Pro – 2017 and later

MacBook – 2017 and later

MacBook Air – 2018 and later

iMac – 2017 and later

iMac Pro – 2017

Mac Pro – 2019 and later

Software and Hardware Requirements

macOS – 12.4 Sierra or later

8GB of RAM upwards

20 – 30 GB of free space

What You Should Do Before Upgrading

1. Check Your Hard Drive

Check your hard drive and make sure you have enough free space. There isn’t enough, you should clean up your drive to free up some space

2. Back up and install antivirus

Before installing Ventura, make sure you take a backup, just in case something goes wrong during the upgrade. Also, install a good antivirus.

You can choose our secure and reliable backup solution if you like.