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Firewall Security

The first line of defense for your business’s network should be its firewall. The job of the firewall is to block unauthorized connections and malicious software from entering your network.

Firewall Security

Why You Need Our Firewal

With cyber-attacks rising every single day and cyber criminals finding new and more sophisticated ways to attack businesses, it is becoming increasingly more important to remain vigilant and safeguard your business against these threats to avoid irreparable damage in the form of leaked data and poor business reputation.

Even as small business, it is important that you have a solid system in place that ensures the safety of your data in all cases.

The first line of defense for your business’s network should be its firewall. The job of the firewall is to block unauthorized connections and malicious software from entering your network.

UTM Solution

Our Unified Threat Management System

Our Firewall/Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution provides powerful security tools that prevent threats from entering your network in the first place, while removing any malicious software that does find a way to sneak through.

Our packaged solution of both antivirus and firewall is continuously monitored and updated with the most recent threat rules and artificial intelligence so you can rest easy that even newly discovered issues will be stopped before they become a bigger problem.

Our UTM/Firewall Appliance helps protect your business with advanced network security.

IP Address Reputation

Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention scans IP addresses, blocking or granting access to web and application-based content, after a complete analysis of the IP address’s reputation. IP address reputation scoring is based on the Webroot BrightCloud® IP Reputation Service ranking system.

This intelligent, real-time packet inspection categorizes IP addresses into five distinct categories – High Risk, Suspicious, Moderate Risk, Low Risk, and Trustworthy. Just like a credit score, an IP Reputation score reviews web page associations, files, and any historical security issues the page may have had in the past as well as how clean it is today.

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention blocks hacking attempts before they reach internal servers and desktops. Pre-configured signature-based IPS makes it easier for administrators to provide 24/7 network protection from hackers. It minimizes annoying false positives and ensures that signatures are always current with automatic hourly updates. With over 34,000 signature detections, including heuristic signatures for port scans, we can effectively monitor and block most suspicious requests.

Website filtering

Web filtering helps administrators ensure web and content security across the network. It allows you to easily create policies to block porn, gambling, videos, social networks, shopping sites and other inappropriate/unwanted content and applications from being accessed. You can easily allow/block content based on category you specify. Web filtering also lets you control searches across popular search engines including Google, YouTube, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo.

Layered Security Solutions

Layered Security Solutions are critical when creating a robust network security system. Implementing a multi-layered protection scheme can ensure that there are several checkpoints within the network to identify, check, and review content, complicating any opportunity a cybercriminal may take to infiltrate the network and access valuable data.

Virus scanning

Heuristic models provide an additional layer of protection against zero-day threats, and real-time updates with no system downtime ensuring that your network is always protected. Virus scanning identifies and blocks zero-day threats, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, botnets, unknown malware, and new infections.

Application control

Application Control performs deep packet (DPI) and deep flow (DFI) inspection of network traffic, enabling it to accurately identify thousands of common applications such as social networking, P2P, instant messaging, video streaming, file sharing, enterprise applications and much more. And being able to allow or deny access to those specific applications for use on company time.

Firewall Rules/Policies

Drawing the line that seperates internal and external networks, firewall filters traffic based on IP address, protocol and port which enables administrators to designate with systems and services (i.e HTTP, FTP etc) are publicly available.

Firewall can be run as a transparent bridge to complement a pre-existing firewall and allows you to control inbound and/or outbound access to specific IPs and ports.

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Remember only a single security vulnerability can expose your entire network infrastructure to the outside world. Neither you nor your company can afford to let this happen. In order to ensure the safety of your business, we suggest that you reach out to us for a network consultation. For more information about our Unified Threat Management solution, call us at 07 4401 5760.