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Data Recovery

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Recovery of Information

Data Recovery

We know how heartbroken you can be when it seems like you have lost all your precious photos, video, documents which you have spent hours drafting, etc. Well, sometimes things happen when you or somebody sharing the computer could have easily deleted everything for good and they are not even found in the recycle bin. Don’t panic, contact us immediately so that there is still a chance for the data to be recovered.

With more than 10 years of data recovery service experience in the industry, you can be assured that we will expedite getting your priceless files back and return it to its rightful place on your hard drive.

Data Retrieval

Recovering Data From Your Computer

We have access to some of the most advanced data recovery software in the market and we will be able to scan through your entire hard drive for that important file. Most of the time if there is a huge volume of data to scan; we might need to bring your hard disk back to our workplace to perform the recovery work.

Note that we hold our clients’ data and recovered files with the strictest confidentiality and these files recovered will only be available to you and no one else after they are recovered. That is our Guarantee to you.

Common Reasons

What Are The Common Reasons Why You Need Us To Recover Your Data?

  • Hard Disk Drive Motor breakdown
  • In the event that the hard disk is no longer spinning, which can mean a motor breakdown, we will repair the existing motor cautiously without affecting other components. The recovery process will begin after the hard disk is in working condition.
  • Files deleted accidentally
  • We can still recover accidentally deleted files from your computer using an advanced recovery software. We would advise you to stop usage of the computer to prevent any over-riding of the deleted files.
  • Windows Operating System Restoration
  • In the event that you would like to restore your computer’s operating system to the state just before it crashed, we can do it. This can save you time from re-installing all the softwares.
  • Hard disk drive PCB Component issue

Be Careful

What Not To Do Before Engaging Our Data Recovery Service?

The moment you realize that you are not able to find the file you are looking for, you should stop using your computer immediately. Specifically, do not install any new software, download or save new files onto your computer as this may just overwrite your precious document.

If possible, it’s best to contact us to have a look at the state of your hard disk so we can begin the data recovery process as soon as possible.