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Security Services

Our Security Services Ensure Your Business Is Kept Safe At All Times. We make sure our clients are getting the best security support with the best service.

Keep your Company Safe

Let us take care of all of the security solutions you need for your business. Tech Troubleshooters will manage and update all of your security with our all in one solution. Our solution ensures your business network security is highly manageable from a centralised location which will save you time.

Spam Protection

Regain control over your inbox by having an effective spam filter in place. Standard spam filders that come with most email clients are not efficient enough to catch all spam. We can design filters that include multiple layers of protection that stop phishing attempts, viruses and much more. Save time and money with employees no longer spending a portion of their day going through junk mail and protect your company.

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Security Services

Unified Threat Management

Unified threat management is an approach to information security where a single hardware or software installation provides multiple security functions.

Take Control of Your Network Security

Don’t be caught out by countless threats to steal the data of your business. Viruses, malware and spyware consistently pose huge threats to your business network infrastrucure. It is necessary to take immediate action to protect your business’ network. With Unified Threat Management, you can fight back against the majority of threats that your business may face.

Firewall and Antivirus Protection

Having a Firewall and Antivirus protection is the first line of defence. A Firewall will protect against threats attempting to infiltrate your network and it is essential to maintaining proper network security. Antivirus solutions are designed to find and destroy malicious entities that may be in your network. The combination of a Firewall and Antivirus protection go a long way to keeping your network free of threats and our solutions are continuously updated.

Security Services

Web Filtering & Firewall

Apply Filters to User Groups

Control internet access of your employees to types of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to ensure they are staying on task throughout the day. With content filtering, some employees can be given access to certain sites that they may require access to. Users and groups are able to be updated, allowing you to manage the type of content available to them.

Reduce Security Threats

Block access to distasteful content and gain control over your security. You need to be able to protect personal information and other sensitive material as well as malware and viruses. Don’t let security problems that could have been protected ruin your business. Entire networks can be comprised with malicious entities if you are not protected.