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ATO Scam Alert

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Cybersecurity, News & Updates

scam alert

A new scam has been detected in Australia in which scammers send messages that pretend to come from ATO.

The Scam Unveiled

Misleading Email/SMS from “ATO”: Scammers are sending messages that appear to be from the ATO. Though the ATO does communicate via email and SMS, these fake messages have a sinister motive.

The Deceitful Link: Included in these messages is a link to the MyGov platform. It might look genuine, but it’s a trap that redirects to a counterfeit portal, set to capture your login credentials.

Their Next Move: Armed with your details, these cyber tricksters start filing tax returns and assessments under your name, modifying bank and personal details, and unlawfully pocketing thousands in refunds.

Shielding Yourself:

Avoid Suspicious Links: Always remember, the ATO will never send you a link to log into your MyGov account. Never click on unsolicited links.

Harness Password Managers: If you utilize a password manager, note that it won’t autofill your credentials on the fake MyGov site due to the URL mismatch, acting as a red flag.

Spam Filters to the Rescue: Implement a robust spam filter. It’s your first line of defense, helping prevent such deceitful messages from landing in your inbox in the first place.

Stay in the Know: Regularly check official ATO and MyGov websites for the latest on scams and deceptive schemes.

Level Up Your Protection: For maximum defense, especially for businesses, ensure you’re operating with a full security stack. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal protection against a myriad of digital threats.

Always Here for You: Should you spot anything amiss or require guidance on cybersecurity, reach out to us. Your safety is our mission.

The digital realm is fraught with challenges, but with vigilance and the right tools, we can navigate it safely. Stay informed, stay guarded.


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