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3 Ransomware Myths Businesses Need to Stop Believing ASAP

by | Apr 17, 2021 | News & Updates

Despite the growing number of ransomware attacks and the horrible stories making the headlines on a daily basis, many small and medium sized businesses still do not consider themselves at risk from cyber-attacks, which, unfortunately, is not true.

Smaller organizations are the main targets, and hackers have raised the stakes in order to make sure they get paid.

Below we talk about the 3 myths that businesses need to stop believing to stay strong and prepared against these attacks.

The first myth is many businesses believe they are a small organization so hackers will not bother targeting them. However, that’s not true. Today any and every business is a target for ransomware attacks. While bigger businesses may have the resources to handle and recover from the losses incurred during a cyber incident, small businesses may be forced out of business from just a single blow with their limited resources. It may be difficult for them to recover easily from such an incident.

The second myth about ransomware is the misconception that there is no way to prepare for a cyber-attack. The trick is to reduce the likelihood of an attack and making sure your business’s critical data is secure in case an attack succeeds. It is vital to have strong endpoint protection with NextGen AI technology along with end user security awareness to alleviate the chances of a breach.

Thirdly, many businesses think they are safe because they have a backup. It is important to have backups, but you need to be able to recover your critical data quickly from safe backups that is not infected with ransomware. If you are a small organization which cannot afford to have multiple backups on different servers, you must consider cloud based backups and/or cold storage backups (meaning backups that are not connected to any sort of network once the backup is complete) to that ensure your critical business systems are online and accessible, no matter what issues your network has encountered.

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