Tech TroubleShooters

Remote Support

Our IT support are focused on the client experience.We make sure our clients get the best technology support with the best service. Have an issue, call now.

Monitor & Collect

The entire technology infrastructure is monitored 24×7 to alert any impending problems so they can be fixed before outages occur. Backup all data and systems, offsite. Scan for viruses. Monitor perimeter security, prevent attacks. Collect and report all this in real time gauges and reports for technical staff review.

Fix Problems

Immediate, 24×7 help desk response and IT support to any user or system generated issue. Remediate with a focus on the end user experience, ensuring we focus on getting you what you need, not just fixing a technical problem.

Preventative Maintenance & Best Practices

Using data collected from systems and IT support team, implement Best Practices to reduce noise, prevent problems. Identify keys technology challenges and implement proactive solutions. Assess user experience.

Gather & Report Data

Mash data from automated monitoring systems, Best Practices, client log files, user problems, and business expectations into actionable reports that paint the picture for the client of how their technology is currently meeting (or missing) the needs of the organization.